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Basically, education consultancy firms assist to gain a student visa forthwith when the applicants enroll in one of their partner institutions. This is a time-consuming and involved process that requires extensive consultation with an immigration lawyer and careful planning with associates.

Submit Your Visa Application with RBN Education

The first step is to merge students' educational goals with university requirements. Once the applicant obtains an admission offer letter from their desired university, we start assembling documents with intensive care. In this regard, RBN education chronologically assists students to create a strong portfolio that showcases their skills, achievements, and potential contributions to higher education.

Our expert Visa Counsellors and Embassy-trained Executives have years of experience dealing with High Commissions all over the world. Thus, it works to get your visas approved quickly. It is not a complicated process nonetheless many students get rejections due to a dearth of appropriate documentation and guidelines.

Therefore, we provide overall guidance on how best to present yourself during the entire visa application process. Consequently, RBN Education remains one of Bangladesh's top student visa agencies.

Our Visa Services at A Glance

  • Provide a checklist for proper visa documentation

  • Additional support in paperwork if required

  • Organize the documents according to immigration regulations and standards

  • Educational credential assessment (ECA) & notarization of academic documents if required

  • Fill up the visa application form accurately

  • Take a number of classes and demo interviews before the final visa interview

  • Conclude the entire visa application procedure meticulously