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The University of Manchester from Bangladesh

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  • Mar 25 2021

The University of Manchester from Bangladesh is one of the most sought-after destinations for higher education. If you are serious about studying at the University of Manchester from Bangladesh, you have to find various facts. Many students want to study in the UK, and their first choice is the University of Manchester. The University of Manchester is ranked 27th worldwide in the QS world university ranking of 2021. For instance, Bangladesh is one of Asia's leading places, from where the student acceptance rate at the University of Manchester is pretty high and has earned a lot of reputation worldwide. This is why a large number of students prefer to study in the UK as per the availability of courses as well as due to the affordable tuition fees.

As far as the study is concerned, this country offers numerous opportunities to the students who are willing to complete their education with good knowledge. The cost of education is not much high as compared to other European countries or American universities. It is a very affordable cost compared to the cost of studying at the University of America or the European countries. It is also quite reasonable when compared to the cost of traveling to that country to explore.

When you opt for the University of Manchester from Bangladesh, you should know that International Education Counselling Centre, RBN, is the official partner of this institution in Bangladesh. This means you can choose to start your studies at any time at the University of Manchester with us, which is convenient for you. We are proud to have the Best UK-based counseling team in Bangladesh. On top of that, we provide an exclusive VISA processing service to all of our students who desire to go to the University of Manchester. We have a separate counseling team, a different application team, and an independent VISA team, which is rare in Bangladesh. These are the utmost variables that help us to maintain our VISA success rate high all the time.

The curriculum of the university is also designed in such a way so that every student can benefit from it. The University of Manchester will provide you with the necessary assistance to complete your education easily. There are many benefits that you can get by opting for this study option.

Another benefit that you can get from studying in the United of Manchester from Bangladesh is that it is situated in one of the country's premier areas. There are various important business centers located in Manchester. This is the main reason why a lot of multinational companies from throughout the world prefer to have their headquarters in this city. By studying in this country, you will get the opportunity to increase your professional skills related to management and economics. On top of that, you will enjoy the cultural exchange between the British and the people of Bangladesh. This can prove to be very beneficial for you as a whole as a person. So if you wish to gain something new about another culture, then study abroad in the UK is certainly the right choice for you.


Moreover, the disciplines offered at the University of Manchester, from the Bangladeshi students, are industry-focused. There are various branches in which you can pursue your studies. Engineering is one of them. If you wish to pursue engineering, you can do so from the University of Manchester, without going for any second thought. The subjects that you can follow include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, and computer science. As an example, we can say about the students from the North-South University, Bangladesh, those who later became faculty at the same place. Currently, there are more than 50 faculties at NSU those are graduated from the University of Manchester.

As mentioned earlier, due to the affordable tuition fees, it becomes very easy for students from different countries to fund their studies abroad from the UK. In addition to that, you will also be able to experience multicultural living. You will not feel alienated in the academic environment.

Overall, the academic qualifications and the curriculum are made easy and modern for the students of all walks of life by the Univesity of Manchester. Therefore, if you want to study at the University of Manchester from Bangladesh, you will get the education you want for your desired career. Studying in the United Kingdom will enable you to learn about various subjects such as arts, commerce, and finance. So if you wish to further your career in any sector, then the best thing for you is to think about studying at the University of Manchester and make the decision final with us!

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