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  • Oct 04 2021

It is necessary to get a police clearance certificate to work, pursue your education, or travel internationally. Many people, however, are uncertain of how to get their hands on this crucial document. Consequently, the Police Headquarters' Media and Public Relations Department has responded to a range of queries on the issue for the benefit of everyone. Today, RBN Bangladesh will let you know about some handy ways to get the Police Clearance Certificate.

If you want to get a police clearance certificate, you have to apply according to some rules. These are that any one of the permanent or current addresses mentioned in the applicant's passport must be in the area under the jurisdiction of the concerned metropolitan or district police. The applicant for whom the police clearance certificate has been sought must be a resident of that address.


To obtain a Police Clearance Certificate for a person residing abroad, an attested photocopy of the passport must be provided by the concerned officer of the Bangladesh Embassy or High Commission in the country where he is residing along with the application made on his behalf.


Bangladeshi nationals traveling abroad or living abroad can apply online anywhere in the country or outside the country by using the internet at or by visiting the Bangladesh Police website ( and clicking on the Police Clearance menu. You can also apply on a computer or mobile phone. The application should be accompanied by scanning and uploading required documents and invoices for payment of government fees. The applicant will not need to go to the police station in person.


The first step of the application form is to fill in the personal details, and the second step is to fill in the current and permanent address. The third step is to upload the scanned copy of the required documents. All the completed information can be seen in the fourth step. If there is any mistake in the application, it can be corrected by going to the previous steps. However, after applying the fourth step, there will be no chance for amendment. In the fifth step of the application form, you have to click on the Pay Offline button to pay the fee. There will be some instructions on how to pay the fee of 500 through invoice and what to do next. You have to follow those instructions. Before uploading the original copy of the invoice, you must write the application reference number on it. Otherwise, your payment will not be accepted, and the application will be rejected.


The applicant will be able to know the latest status of his application online regularly. After the police clearance certificate is signed by the officer-in-charge of the police station, counter-signed by the Superintendent of Police or Deputy Commissioner of Police, and attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, the applicant can personally pick it up at the one-stop service counter of the district police superintendent's office or metropolitan police commissioner's office.


If you want to get by courier or mail, you can specify the time of application. In that case, the applicant can get the certificate sitting at home subject to payment of post or courier fee.


In the case of an online police clearance certificate, a QR code is printed. An online link to the issued certificate can be found by scanning the code from any smartphone using the QR Code Scanner application. If you visit the link using any internet browser, an exact digital copy of the issued certificate will be seen on the computer.


As a result, from now on, there will be no possibility of a forged police clearance certificate, and any foreign mission will be able to verify the police clearance certificate online.

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